New Red Stripe Deals: Mush, Ruzzle, and My Stocks Portfolio


Another week means another batch of Microsoft’s Red Stripe deals. This week we have a couple excellent games and a nice app. If you’re unfamiliar with Red Stripe Deals it is Microsoft’s weekly Windows Phone Store promotion. They drop the price of select apps for one week, and they are highlighted with a red outline in the Store.

First up is Mush, a Xbox Live game we got an exclusive first look at way back in June 2012. Mush uses the phone’s accelerometer to turn the world and guide the character through it. Emotions for the character are changed by drawing happy or sad faces with your finger and you’ll need to do so frequently to guide yourself through the levels. It’s an interesting mix of concepts that have been done before, but never in such detail.

Next is Ruzzle, a very recent Xbox Live addition. Ruzzle is described as a Boggle and Scrabble mash-up. You and an opponent race against the clock to find as many words as possible. The letters you have to work with are displayed in a four-by-four grid. After three rounds the points are tallied and a winner is chosen. Over 10 million people in 128 different countries are playing Ruzzle.

Last but not least is My Stocks Portfolio+. This is an app for anyone who relgiiusly follows and tracks stocks. You can monitor the performance of your portfolios, get real-time quotes, and access financial data from reliable sources. Trade times are shows so you always know how up to date the information is. All three of these apps are now $0.99 in the Windows Phone Store for one week. Download them below before it’s too late!



My Stocks Portfolio+

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