Sneak peek at MonsterUp Colors, upcoming game from Karios Games

Monster Up Colors

This weekend, Karios Games premieres its latest creation, MonsterUp Colors. Following their mantra of “fun casual games,” it is a tile-removing game much like other Tetris-Bejeweled variants, but with the clean, colorful interface that makes up the rest of the MonsterUp series.

Gameplay involves removing any group of matching color tiles in a 7×9 grid by tapping any tile in each group. Two main game modes exist: Time Trial, where you remove groups as quickly as possible in 60 seconds with the help of powerups and score multipliers; and Marathon, which gives you more time as you remove groups.

While you might already be getting the idea that this is just another reiteration of a gametype most readers know a little too well, the extra dynamic of the time limit not only stops you from getting sucked into a game for half an hour, but also adds pressure to do well, either by lining up all your color groups just right or by just frantically hitting every pair  you see. In other words, you will still stay glued to your device, but only to try and beat whoever is on top of you on the leaderboards.

A practice mode gives users the chance to just poke at the infinite cascade of tiles (You know that satisfying feeling of just hitting a massive group at one press? It’s good stress relief), Scoreloop keeps track of multiplayer leaderboards, and multiplayer Marathon mode, via WiFi, is also included. MontserUp Colors will be available for $0.99 or a free trial in the Store soon.

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