Official Fidelity Investment app comes to Windows Phone 8


Another official Windows Phone app has arrived. This time it happens to be the Fidelity Investment app. Now you can track your investments on the go in beautiful Windows Phone style.

When we say beautiful style we aren’t joking. The Fidelity app is a very well designed addition to the Windows Phone Store. It is colorful and simple to navigate, like every Windows Phone app should be. The app gives you access to your brokerage account info and watch lists, lets you trade stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and options. Even if you’re not a Fidelity user you can still use it to track stock.

The live tiles that come with Fidelity are especially awesome. You can pin individual companies and they change color depending on market swings. Red is bad, green is good. The live tiles are some of the best we’ve seen. They show a lot of information and the large and small tile sizes use the space differently. You can download Fidelity for Windows Phone 8 for free below.

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  • ceiji

    this apps work for the european market ?

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Gotta keep up with my investments. lol