Samsung going all in with ‘Ativ’ name, renames all Windows devices

Chronos 1

When we first heard about Samsung’s new Ativ naming scheme there were mixed reactions. Some liked it, others hated it, but almost everyone had a hard time pronouncing it. Whether you like it or not it looks like Samsung is committed to sticking with it.

Previously Samsung only used the Ativ name for tablets and phones, but that is about to change. Samsung is renaming all their Windows devices with the Ativ moniker. All devices will fall into three categories: Tab for tablets, One for all-in-ones, and Book for laptops. A few examples of the new naming scheme include Ativ Smart PC = Ativ Tab 5, Series 7 AIO = Ativ One 7, and Series 7 Chronos = Ativ Book 8.


Now all of Samsung’s Windows products fall under one cohesive brand name, and we know how much they love doing that (Galaxy). It looks good for tablets and all-in-ones, but we can’t help but miss laptop names like Chronos and Ultra. Do you like the new name scheme? Is Ativ a good name? Personally I thought Odyssey would have been a better name for Windows products, but they didn’t ask me.

[via The Verge]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    What does ATIV even mean? or stand for?

  • rockuz

    Some people said is “VITA” of Sony that Samsung copied.