for Windows Phone adds picture messaging in latest update


There aren’t a ton of options out there for IM clients on Windows Phone, but one of the best is Unlike most IM apps it has been updated for Windows Phone 8, but it still lacks many¬†necessary¬†features. One of those missing features is lockscreen notifications, but enough about what it doesn’t have.

In the latest update for they have added the ability to attach images. In a chat there is a new button next to “Send” that looks like a paper clip. Tapping that will allow you to attach either an image from your library or take a new photo. It’s as simple as that. If your friend is using it will appear like you see above. If not they will get a link to download the image.

This is a nice little addition to our already favorite IM app. If they could just add some more Windows Phone 8 features like lockscreen notifications it would be perfect. is free and available for all Windows Phone devices. If you’ve been looking for a good IM app this one is worth a try.

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