What is Joe Belfiore teasing this time?

joe belfiore

Oh Joe Belfiore, why must you tease us? In the last few months Windows Phone Leader Joe Belfiore has been teasing and announcing apps with his Twitter accounts. Some of the apps that have been announced by him include Pandora, Temple Run, Tumblr, OpenTable, and more.

Last night he teased us again with the tweet you see above. In the next few days a new Windows Phone app will be dropping. What will it be this time? The obvious first thought goes to Instagram, of course. That would indeed be a something nice. The “app gap” has been slowly closing in last year. The list of possible big name apps that could be released is much shorter than it used to be.

Let us know below what you think Joe is teasing! Maybe it’s not an app at all, maybe it’s a phone. We will be anxiously awaiting his announcement and letting you know as soon as it happens. We’re watching you, Joe.

  • CX1

    sack of cash

  • vine would be nice…

  • Do you think we’d get it before Android?

  • No way. It’d wonderful though!

  • Edgar Cervantes

    NO WAY! lol. I mean Android’s is already on the way.

  • I honestly have no idea but I would like to think that MS would want to gouge android at any opportunity they would get.

  • Raja Shekar

    Hate Windows mobiles. They don’t even have proper basic features of a mobile phone.

    The Bing maps are fit for nothing. Lazy developers. worst OS. I can’t even download and store contents from Internet explorer.

    Gods must be crazy to allow Windows mobiles come in today’s competitive market.

  • Kam

    ok angry man, what “proper basic features” does it lack? because I havent found them yet! As far as I’m aware the “proper basic features” of a mobile phone are:

    1) make and receive calls
    2) store a list of recently received and made calls
    3) store a list of contacts to make said calls
    4) send and receive SMS

    That’s it. That’s all a mobile phone is “properly” required to do.

    If you want to make nonsense claims maybe be a bit more specific and don’t just say things that are blatantly untrue.

    And what do you mean by “download and store contents from internet explorer”. This doesn’t even make sense.What do you mean?