Windows Phone is growing much faster than Android and iOS, says latest report

Windows Phone 822

In the last few months we’ve been sensing a great deal of momentum with Windows Phone. The last generation of devices have been really great, and a lot of big name apps are finally available on the platform. The big question is will this translate into market success?

According to the latest Kantar WorldPanel the answer is ‘yes.’ The report tracks growth over the last three months. Windows Phone grey 1.5% from February to March. iOS only grew 0.2%, and Android lost 1.9%.From this time last year Windows Phone has seen a 3.7% growth. Nokia alone grew its market share from 1% to 4% in a years time.

The cause of this jump could be feature phones. 52% of those that switched to Windows Phone in the last year came from feature phones. That’s more that Android and iOS users. This means that people who have never used a smartphone are interested in Windows Phone. That’s a very good thing. We’re now easily in 3rd place, and steadily gaining on the big dogs.

[via WindowsMobilePU]

  • Paola

    I think they are not interested on WP, they are interested on Nokia!

  • I agree! If the windows phone had more APPS I would jump on board. I bought a Lumia 920 used it for a month (I still have it). I had to keep going back to my Nexus 4 just to use common apps.. I wish Nokia would give Google some Lah Lah looooove!

  • what apps are you missing?

  • rockuz

    Maybe Instagram :-P

  • iLove2argue

    indeed! :D

  • Edgar Cervantes

    So new smartphone users. That makes sense to me. I like Windows Phone for being smooth, fast and simple. It really is much more of a “to the point” experience. I think that is what new smartphone users like. They see iOS and Android phones with stacks of apps and other bells and whistles, then see Windows Phone’s tiles. It just makes sense!

  • phonesalesman

    It’s because lumia is cheap and easy to sell as a free phone.

  • narg

    Instagram will be announced next month. There are others in the app store though, you could try others right?