Bing Weather for Windows 8 gets big update with interactive maps


Recently Microsoft has been updating their core apps for Windows 8. One app that slipped through the cracks was Microsoft’s own Bing Weather app. Today Microsoft finally updated the app with some really cool new features.

The biggest new feature is weather maps. They act as a hub for access to temperature, precipitation, satellite, and cloud information . The maps work in North America, Europe, and Asia. They are interactive and dynamic moving images for the forecast of any day you choose. The animation plays in loop, but you can pause them at any time. Think of it like the radar you would see on the Weather Channel.

There are still probably better options out there for Windows 8 weather apps, but Bing Weather is one of the more simpler options. For something more in depth check out Weather Flow or Storm. Bing Weather can be downloaded below for free.

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