Bing, Skype, and Xbox rebranding coming, plans revealed in design presentation


It’s no mystery that Microsoft is in the middle of a company-wide rebranding. It all started with Windows Phone 7, and has since made its way to every corner of the company. Newapps, logos, and colors have been popping up everywhere in the last few years. Last year Windows, Office, and Microsoft got new logos. This year it’s Bing, Skype, and Xbox’s turn.

At a design event in Norway over the weekend the Windows Phone design general manager talked about “reimagining” Microsoft. He revealed a video from a couple years ago about how Microsoft wanted to rebrand its key products. In that video we get a glimpse of the new Bing logo (seen above.) He also mentions that Skype, Yammer, and Xbox will be getting new logos as the image below is shown.


The new logos follow along with everything Microsoft has been doing in the last few years. Flat, iconic, clean, and colorful design has become the signature look of Microsoft, and many other companies have been following the trend. We love the new Bing logo. The current one seems very out of place next to all the new logos. The Skype logo above is much more abstract. How do you feel about these new designs?

[via The Verge]

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