MonsterUp Colors now available to download

Monster Up Colors

Last week we had a first look at Karios Game’s new MonsterUp title. This new game, called MonsterUp Colors, is like a hybrid between Tetris and Bejeweled. We had a lot of fun playing with this game, and today it is finally available for everyone to have fun with.

MonsterUp Colors has the same great design that we’ve seen in other Karios Games. The gameplay in MonsterUp Colors involves removing any group of matching color tiles in a 7×9 grid by tapping any tile in each group. There are two main game modes: Time Trial, where you remove groups as quickly as possible in 60 seconds, and Marathon, which gives you more time as you remove groups. Along the way their are power ups and multipliers to help.

This type of game is not completely original, but there is one thing that makes it a little less generic. There is a time limit that adds pressure to the situation. This makes the game much more intense and addictive. MonsterUp Colors is available now for all Windows Phone devices for $0.99 and free trial.

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