Official Uber app pulled from Store after consistently poor reviews


A little over a month ago the official Uber app for Windows Phone launched. Initially we were excited to get the app. Uber is a popular car hailing service in a few major cities across the world. Unfortunately upon opening the app we realized it was nothing more than a wrapper for the mobile site.

You wouldn’t think that is such a big deal, but you would be wrong. Almost immediately the app received numerous poor reviews in the Windows Phone Store. After about a month of being available it had a 2 star average rating. Not the start they were hoping for. Because of the overwhelmingly negative feedback they have pulled the app from the Store indefinitely.

There is no official word on why the app was pulled or when it will return. Hopefully they are working on a native application for Windows Phone. This is just another example of how not to develop for Windows Phone. If you don’t put enough time and effort into your Windows Phone app because you don’t think anyone will care you will quickly find out otherwise. Until Uber returns give Uber Towncar a try.

Thanks Mike!

  • PrivateDriver

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