Best Windows Phone apps and games from the month of April


Another month is in the books for 2013, and that means we just had 30 days of new apps and games. We’ve mentioned numerous times how app releases have really picked up lately, especially official apps from big name sources. It can be easy to miss some of the apps and games that were released in a months time. Lucky for you we have this handy monthly recap of the best apps from April.

1. Amazing Alex

Rovio’s first non-Angry Birds game is a Rube Goldberg machine puzzler. The goal is to help Alex finish his chores and clean his room by building contraptions. Amazing Alex has more than 100 levels, 35 objects to choose from, and four locations to build on.

2. Camera360

Camera360 is a powerful and feature-packed app. It provides a bevy of filters, effects, frames, and options to help you get the perfect photo. it works as a Lens app for Windows Phone 8, meaning it can be launched directly from the camera.

3. Countdown

Countdown is a very popular app on iOS that has come to Windows Phone. Countdown is so popular because of it’s simple design and functionality. It allows users to create countdowns for virtually anything you want.

4. Cut the Rope Experiments

Cut the Rope Experiments is basically the same as the original Cut the Rope game. You start out with the same type of props and challenges as the first game, but as you go new props and situations are introduced.

5. Find My Coffee

Find My Coffee has been a popular app on iOS and Android for a while among coffee lovers. It helps people find places that sell coffee. Starbucks, many other national and regional chains, and local coffee shops included.

6. GoComics


GoComics is home to basically all the syndicated comics you would see in a standard newspaper, plus a lot of online comics as well. They have all the big ones: Calvin and Hobbes, Dilbert, Foxtrot, Peanuts, Garfield, and much more.

7. Ice Age Village

This game stars all the Ice Age characters you know and love. Sid, Mannie, Ellie, Diego, and even Scrat-everyone’s real favorite character-are all present. The main task is to build a new village for the gang, but there are side missions and mini-games along the way to keep things interesting.

8. Indigo

Indigo is a personal assistant app for Windows Phone that aims to help even more. It’s special because it integrates with a number of system apps. It reminds us a lot of Ask Ziggy, but with a lot more personal info.

9. Instagraph


Instagraph is not an official Instagram app, nor does it have Instagram’s blessing. Despite that it is the only app available for Windows Phone that will allow you to upload picture to your Instagram account. It’s pretty neat.

10. Modern Combat 4

MC4 puts you in the shoes of a soldier who is trying to help his unit avoid global devastation after a nuclear attack. The game is packed with Hollywood-style effects and great voice acting. It’s one of the most visually impressive games on the platform.

11. MonsterUp Colors

MonsterUp Colors is a hybrid between Tetris and Bejeweled.  The goal of the game is to match the color cubes as fast and accurate as you can to score points. There is a time limit and power-ups to make it more interesting.

12. Ms. Splosion Man

Ms. Splosion Man is a 3D platformer with a fun premise. Scientists accidentally created Ms. Splosion Man by spilling champagne. The goal of the game is to help Ms. Splosion Man escape the facility by blowing things up.

13. NBC News

NBC News for Windows Phone SC

NBC News is a full featured app for Windows Phone. It has voice commands, lockscreen support, and the ability to pin news sections. It has an awesome design and is a welcomed addition to the News section in the Windows Phone Store.

14. Nest Thermostat

Currently Nest offers Android and iOS apps, but thanks to a Windows Phone developer there is a new unofficial app that can do the same. Nest Thermostat by Mike Richards is the first app to allow Windows Phone users to control their Nest.

15. OpenTable

This is not a new app, but the update is so large it might as well be. OpenTable now uses Foodspotting photos for dishes, has mobile-optimized restaurant menus, and reviews from verified users. It is much improved.

16. Tumblr


The biggest app of the month is Tumblr. The popular blogging platform took a long time to arrive on Windows Phone, but it was worth the wait. Tumblr is a completely native expirience with some great WP8 features.

That wraps up another month! April was a great month for app and game releases. We hope you found a couple here that you didn’t know about. We’ll be back at the end of May to round up the next months worth of apps. What were your favorite apps from April?

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Modern Combat should have been higher!

  • Alphabetical order!

  • Nick

    Have you tried Shoopix? It’s a nice little photography viewer that I’ve been using for my lockscreen.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    OOOOH! duh! lol

  • craowl

    What about Magnet Balls?

  • craowl

    And where is Magnet Balls?:)