Hands-on with Facebook Beta for Windows Phone [Video]


This morning Microsoft announced a new version of the Facebook app that is currently in beta. Right now it exists as a separate app in the Windows Phone Store called “Facebook Beta,” but soon it will be the official version. Facebook Beta adds a lot of features to the party, let’s take a look.

First thing you will notice is the completely redesigned interface. Gone is the panorama Metro layout in place for a flat version of the Android UI.  If you’ve ever used Facebook for Android or iOS you already know how to use Facebook Beta. Navigation is done through a pane that can be accessed by swiping to the left, and with a swipe to the right you see friends to message.

The good thing about this new app is that even though it ditches the Metro design it’s for a good reason. With the new app we have parity with the Android and iOS versions. Everything that they can do we can do. There are a few bugs that need to be ironed out before it reaches full release, but it is already a very nice improvement. Check out our video below to see the app in action.

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  • Edgar Cervantes

    I like the animations. I have never quite been a fan of the pop-up boxes from Android and iOS.