Microsoft releases Facebook Beta with a brand new design


The Facebook app for Windows Phone has not been a fan favorite. Many users complain of crashes, slow load times, and a lack of features compared to other platforms. Thanks to a new Facebook app those problems may all be gone soon.

Microsoft has announced Facebook Beta in a blog post today. Facebook Beta is a seperate app in the Windows Phone Store that allows users to test out the new app and all its features. The app has a completely new design, and a decidely much less “Windows Phone-y” feel to it. Essentially they have created a flat version of the Android and iOS app.


That’s not all bad. Since it is essentially a flat Android or iOS app that means it has many more features than the current version. Since this is a beta there are bugs present, but it’s really cool they are letting everyone try it out. If you do download Facebook Beta be sure to leave feedback in Settings>About. Windows Phone 8 users can download it below.

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  • Edgar Cervantes

    The design is very cool and all (like you said, it ressembles other Facebook apps). I just feel like Facebook should have found a way to make it look more Metro-ish.