Nokia reportedly investing in Lytro-style camera technology


Nokia takes camera technology very seriously, maybe even more than anyone else in the business. They took things to a new level when they introduced the 41MP PureView, and then followed that up by bringing optical image stabilization to the Lumia 920. Bloomberg is now reporting that Nokia’s next wave of new camera technology could include Lytro-style focusing.

Lytro is a camera that takes photos by gathering all available light in the scene. By doing this Lytro allows you to adjust the focus in a photo after it has been taken. No more realizing the background was accidentally in focus after it’s too late. Bloomberg is reporting that Nokia is investing in Pelican Imaging, a California start-up working on camera technology for smartphones called Array. The Array technology offers a similar experience to Lytro in a more compact package for smartphones.

This type of technology is perfect for smartphones. Many of the phones today use tap-to-focus when taking a photo. This can sometimes lead to less than perfect focus in photos, but it’s usually too late after you notice to take the photo again. Imagine being able to tap “Edit” and just re-focus the image. How cool would that be?

Don’t expect to see this tech in Nokia’s upcoming phones, but sometime after that. Would you use something like this?

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I would love to see Lytro-like technology coming to smartphones. I am usually not big on smartphone cameras because I would rather use my DSLR if I REALLY want a good image. But if Nokia brought these features to the table I would be all over it!