Twitter #music comes to Windows Phone in the form of #trending

Screenshot (22)Twitter unveiled a new service called #music a couple of weeks ago that only has an app for iOS. This isn’t the first time Twitter has done this. The Twitter video service Vine is also only available for iOS as well. Thankfully the Windows Phone developer community has come through with a 3rd party #music app. We can’t let iOS have all the fun.

The app is called #trending. With this app you can do just about everything that iOS users can do. You get the 30 second samples of any song, and they can be downloaded to be used as ringtones. The Top Charts show what music is currently trending on #music. Songs can be purchased directly from the Windows Phone Music Store. All these features are wrapped up in a great Metro design.

#Trending is available for all Windows Phone devices for $1.99 and free trial. The free trial is fully featured and ad supported. It’s a very nice app, and currently your only #music option for Windows Phone. Download below.

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