Acer reveals the Aspire R7, a laptop that can transform into a desktop


Remember that crazy Star Trek ad that featured a transforming Acer laptop? In the video it appeared that the laptop transformed into some type of desktop computer. It got us very curious about the device, and today we finally get a closer look at it.

It’s called the Aspire R7, and it fits in just about every product category you throw at it. Laptop, desktop, tablet, kitchen sink…okay we made up that last one. The device can transform into all these different forms with a new “Ezel” hinge Acer has developed. Acer is currently holding an event in New York to announce the device, so we don’t know all the specs yet.

Specs we do know include a full HD display, Dolby Home Theater audio, and a “Screen grasp” technology that sounds a lot like Leap Motion (which could very well power it.) We will fill in this post as more specs are made available. What do you think of this transforming device? Is it something you would want?

[via The Verge]

  • rockuz

    I wounder how much it will cost?