Nokia 6-inch phablet said to be coming later this year

nokia phablet

The latest trend in smartphones is “bigger equals better.” Whether that is true or not is┬ádebatable, but it’s the trend nonetheless. The only platform to not partake in this trend so far is Windows Phone 8, but Nokia could change that.

We’ve been hearing rumblings of Nokia and a phablet devices this year, but nothing solid enough to hang our hats on. We know that Nokia has two devices still to come this year: the EOS and Catwalk. After those devices launch it is being speculated that Nokia will offer a 6-inch phablet, this is according to UK’s Mobile Magazine.

They claim the device will launch in Q4 of this year just in time for the holidays. Specs of the device are still very unknown except for a 6-inch screen size and a rumored 1080p resolution. They also claim that the device will be priced around the same as smaller devices in the $600-800 range. The specifics on this report are a little questionable, but we think a Nokia phablet is coming one way or another.

Big is so hot right now.

[via Neowin]

  • idlelimey

    I’m not sure that Windows Phone would suit a ‘phablet’. Maybe it would be agreeable in use. Would have thought a 7″ RT tablet from Nokia would make more sense.

  • Bazzaq

    Phablet on wp8= potential