T-Mobile Lumia 521 sells out quickly at Walmart, did you buy one?


Over the weekend the Nokia Lumia 521 for T-Mobile went on sale at Walmart and sold out almost immediately. It went on sale for just $129.99 without contract  so it’s no wonder the device sold like hotcakes. We’ve never actually had hotcakes, but we understand that they sell rather quickly.

$130 for a smartphone running a modern operating system is a real steal. It was posted on Slickdeals.com which triggered the rush of people to buy the device. Did any of our readers move fast enough to snag this deal? Our own James Drummond reported that his sister was planning to buy the device but did not succeed. Hopefully you had better luck than her.

If you’re interested in buying this nice little device the page you will want to check periodically is here on Walmart’s website. They don’t have any information on when it will be back in stock, but we’d expect more in the next few weeks. We will let you know when it’s back in stock.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Hot cakes is just another name for pancakes, so you more than likely have had them. Also, I wanted this phone but don’t know if it comes unlocked. Do any of you know?

  • The phone comes locked to T-Mobile. Once you start using service with T-Mobile you can ask them for an unlock code to unlock the phone.

  • I got one through HSN. :)

  • Edgar Cervantes

    It’s after 3 months, right?

  • Fred931

    I heard some people were having issues with the shipping, any on your end?

  • Yea, mine still says “packaging.” I ordered it on the 27th, something like that, and it still hasn’t shipped. I have my Lumia 920 but I got the 521 for my mom. I’m hoping it’ll ship soon.

  • Microsoft stores stil have them. I went to my local store and they had just received a shipment. Got one for my grandma. They priced matched it to Walmart and I used the bing it on challenge to reduce it by $25 more. What a steal.