Sony launches new affordable Windows 8 touchscreen notebooks


One of the best things about Windows 8 is how touch-friendly it is. Using Windows with a touchscreen was never an enjoyable experience until Windows 8 came along. Unfortunately many devices that come with touchscreens are on the pricey side. Sony is looking to change that with a new line of notebooks called Vaio Fit.

Today Sony launched two Vaio Fit models. The first one has a 14-inch display with 1600×900 resolution that’s priced at only $649. The second one has a 15-inch display with 1080p resolution and costs just $699. If that’s not affordable enough for you Sony is offering both sizes at $547 and $579, but the trade-off is you only get 1366×768 resolution.

All of these devices will be going on sale this summer. More specific specs such as processor, storage, and RAM were not provided. It’s nice to see someone taking touchscreen notebooks to the entry-level pricing range. Windows 8 really is best when used with a touchscreen. Hopefully this opens the door for more affordable touchscreen options. Who is getting a Vaio Fit?

[via CNET]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Not bad. I am just way too excited about affordable Windows 8 tablets now, though.