AT&T sending out live tile fix for Nokia Lumia 900


Remember that live tile issue that was affecting Windows Phone 7.8 users? It still exists, and today Nokia and AT&T have finally released an update for the Lumia 900 that fixes it. Is the beta test finally over now?

The Lumia 900 got the initial 7.8 update way back in January, and ever since then users have been struggling with live tile issues. As you might imagine with an OS that is basically built around live tiles that makes for a poor experience. According to NokiaCare the update fixes the live tile issues, plus adds more theme colors, and lockscreen improvements.

Sync your Lumia 900 with Zune to see if the update is ready for you. The update itself includes four separate updates. Be patient and let them all download. When it’s done you will be saved from faulty live tiles. Go forth and download!

Thanks Ashley!

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