Microsoft created the official YouTube app with no help from Google


Yesterday an official YouTube app launched out of the blue and shocked all of us. There are a few big name apps that Windows Phone still needs, but I never thought YouTube would be off that list. How did Microsoft pull off getting an official YouTube app? All by themselves.

We mentioned it briefly yesterday that Microsoft didn’t have any help from Google to make this app. Today a spokesman from Microsoft confirmed that they created the app without any help from El Goog. He provided the following statement:

Windows Phone invested additional engineering resources against existing APIs to re-architect a Windows Phone app that delivers a great YouTube experience, including support for unique Windows Phone 8 features such as Live Tiles and Kids Corner. Microsoft did not receive any additional technical support to create the Windows Phone YouTube app.

Microsoft has complained in the past about Google’s restricted API’s. It’s not clear whether Microsoft asked Google to open up their API’s, or whether they were forced to by regulators. Either way we now have a very nice YouTube app. Check out our hands-on to see how great it is.

[via Neowin]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Well something had to be done. I am just glad the app is now available!

  • rockuz

    I know MS created the YouTube apps, it said on the publisher name, and no way scroogle will go out of their way to create one.

  • Kevin

    Why not? Google creates really nice apps for iOS. It’s not about working for the enemy for Google, it’s about getting their services in more hands. Right now MS doesn’t have a very large user base, but it is growing fast. Eventually it will get Google’s attention and they’ll start making all of their services available in Wapps form.