Nokia shows off Lumia 928 again, removes Verizon branding from phone tile


In the last few days Nokia has been showing off the Lumia 928 despite no official announcement of the device. They’ve been doing this on their website with a Lumia 928 landing page. Earlier in the week they posted a camera comparison; today they posted an audio comparison.

The audio comparison shows how the Lumia 928 retains audio quality under high volume recording with no distortion. In other words when you take a video in a loud environment it doesn’t sound like crap when you play it later. In the video the 928 goes up against the Galxy S III again and easily wins. Check it out here.

The video posted earlier this week had a render of the Lumia 928 which is used in the photo above. As you can clearly see the phone tile says “Verizon Wireless.”¬†However¬†if you go and look at the same image on Nokia’s website today the “Verizon Wireless” text has been removed. Now we’re not even going to begin to speculate what that means, but it is an interesting thing to note. What do you think it means?

verizon nokia lumia 928 leak render before and after

[Nokia via WPDaily]


  • Well since soon enough every wireless carrier will be supporting LTE … AND since Samsung has already proven that by selling on multi carrier; and Apple by default proving the same since they finally joined when sales started to slip, it would be logical for Nokia to try and saturate the market as quickly as possible.
    If not, it just goes to prove that as smart as Microsoft and by extension Nokia can be, they just do not understand marketing well enough.