Nokia Lumia 928 vs Nokia Lumia 920 [Chart]


The Lumia 928 for Verizon launched today, and many people are probably wondering “how is this phone any different from the Lumia 920?” Well, the short answer is “not much.” As you can see in the chart above the 928 have a lot in common, but there are some important differences.

One big complaint about the Lumia 920 was that it felt like a “tank” in the hand. It’s a thick and heavy phone, no doubt. The Lumia 928 improves upon those specs. As you can see it is both thinner and lighter than the 920. Some other differences are in the camera, but that’s just a new flash and some software improvements. Basically this is Big Red’s version of the 920, which a lot of people wanted.

Are you satisfied with specs from a 2012 device? Will you be getting a Lumia 928?


  • Edgar Cervantes

    I p[ersonally like the “tank” feeling from the 920. I can’t wait to hold this one, though!