Nokia Lumia 925 officially announced with aluminum body and extra lens


Nokia is underway at London this morning and they have officially announced the Lumia 925. The device looks exactly like what we saw yesterday. It has a aluminum body, much thinner and lighter build, and an extra lens that makes up the camera bump on the back.

The whole phone is not aluminum. The frame is the only metal part, the backside is made of the same poly-carbonate material we’re used to. The device comes in at only 8.5mm thick, and weighs just 139 grams. Everything else is circa Lumia 920.

The camera has an extra glass lens and Nokia has swapped the default camera app with their own creation called “Smart Camera”. Basically it allows Nokia to have all its camera apps (panorama, smart shoot, etc) in the default camera. A very awesome feature.

The Lumia 925 also has wireless charging, but with a twist. In order to make the device much thinner and lighter they have decided not to build wireless charging into the device. You can add it to the phone with colorful snap on back covers. The Lumia 925 will debut soon for 469 euros overseas, and in the U.S. on T-Mobile in June.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Loving the looks of this phone.