Nokia Lumia 925 vs Lumia 928 vs Lumia 920


In case you were sleeping this morning, Nokia announced the Lumia 925 during their event in London. The phone has an aluminum frame, is thinner and lighter, and has some new camera software features. Other than those few things this is basically another version of the Lumia 920.

The Lumia 920 is still a very good device, but the last two phones Nokia has announced have basically been the same. The Lumia 928 has a Xenon flash and a thinner build, but the specs are all the same. The Lumia 925 takes the same approach. Is Nokia running out of ideas?

There are likely a couple different things coming into play here. For starters Windows Phone 8 opened the door to new specs, but they were quickly met by OEMs. Now there is much left to do as we wait for quad-core support. The other factor is that Nokia still has the EOS to announce, and this device is expected to be more than just an iterative update. With the 928 and 925 Nokia is getting flagship phones on all carriers.

Check out the chart above to see how similar these devices are. Let us know why you think Nokia is just doing iterative phone updates!

  • Windows4ever

    the new lumia doesnt have wireless charging = shit phone , it needs an optional cover being attached to do that

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Oh my. All these phones are pretty much the same. I would love to have that aluminum body, though!

  • manf

    it does

  • Windows4ever

    who wants to put on a case