Itsdagram now available for Windows Phone 8, first fully featured Instagram app


Itsdagram is now available for Windows Phone 8. Until the official Instagram app is made available this is the best we have. Unlike Instagraph, this app allows users to do everything a real Instagram app would. It is available now only for Windows phone 8 device, but Windows Phone 7 support is coming later.

So what constitutes “everything  a real Instagram app” could do? First and foremost is uploading images to Instagram with filters. You can also view your dashboard, like photos, comment on photos, view your profile, and see what’s popular. Right now the app is only available on Windows Phone 8 for $1.49. Soon there will be a free ad-supported version, and the aforementioned WP7 support. If you need your ‘grams download Itsdagram now!

download WPThanks Will! 

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Just get the official app released already, Instagram! This situation has surpassed Pandora’s. lol.