Red Stripe Deals: Super Monkey Ball 2, Hockey Nations, and glƏƏk!

red stripe-gleek

Thursday means Red Stripe Deals, and this week Microsoft is serving up another round of discounted apps. As per usual we have two games and a utility app for sale. Super Monkey Ball 2, Hockey Nations, and glƏƏk! are all on sale for the next seven days. Let’s take a look at them.

Super Monkey Ball 2 is an Xbox Live puzzle game. It’s your job to use tilt controls to roll the monkey balls through the over 125 levels. Super Monkey Ball 2 has always been a fan favorite for its cute characters, easy controls, and addicting nature. Pick it up now for just $0.99.

Hockey Nations PP is the perfect game to go on sale during the NHL Playoffs. In Hockey Nations you can choose teams from 18 countries and play with several different game modes. There is Go for Gold, Shootout, Exhibition, Playoff and Practice. Get Hockey Nations now for $1.99.

The last app almost needs no introduction. glƏƏk! is a popular Twitter app that we have talked about many times on this site. It has a quirky design and feature set, but don’t let that fool you. glƏƏk! is one of the most powerful Twitter apps available for Windows Phone. Download it now for just $0.99.

Enjoy these deals and don’t wait until it’s too late! next Thursday the prices will go back to normal, and we’ll have three more apps on sale.

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