What do you want in the next big Windows Phone update?


Earlier today we talked about the next big Windows Phone update likely coming in 2014. That got us thinking, what would a “big” Windows Phone update entail? Windows Phone 8 isn’t even a year old, but there are some things that other platforms have that we don’t. In 2014 that will be even moreĀ apparent.

If you were on the Windows Phone Team at Microsoft what would you pitch for “Windows Phone 8.1”? What are the features from other platforms that you want? One thing I would like is individual volume controls for things like media, alarms, and ringtones. I would also like links to open up certain apps, such as Twitter link opening a Twitter app.

Now it’s your turn. Let’s build Windows Phone 8.1 together. What do you want to see?

  • Pat

    Universal Search. The Xbox Video store with the ability to stream videos you’ve purchased. And I was just thinking about this yesterday, it’d be great if they could implement that multi-tasking splitscreen feature from Windows 8 (where you can snap an app on one side and have another open on the other). Except on the Windows Phone, it would be top and bottom.

  • Pat

    +The percentage of battery power left either instead of or along with the battery power meter icon.

  • vmxr

    well windows phone has a different view on how smartphones should look like from UI to contract or massaging to gaming to music to apps so im expecting every major feature but in a special unique view from what we have seen on ios , blackberry and android

  • Windowfan95

    WELL I WOULD LIKE TO SEE A Status bar like Android so i can get to my notification faster and get to my 3G/4G,Wifi Bluetooth,airplane mode ,brightness etc.Have the option to change the background of your home screen to a color or wallpaper.Have the option to change the way you can look at your apps.Work on those things and I love my window phone 10x more.P.s The 8.1 update is suppose to come with Fm Radio I Just want to be the first to say that is very Stupid there’s over a 100 apps that you can use for the Radio there’s no point in having that in the new update its a waste you guys obviously took it out for a reason so leave it OUT.

  • I would seriously love a ‘CLOSE’ or ‘END’ button at the running background tasks tab + a file manager would do me good

  • SM


  • Javier

    Apps need to be at par with IPhone. For example CNN and Bloomberg apps have live TV on IOS but not on WP8

  • Tom

    SIP Client for Enterprise PBX (Alcatel, Siemens..)
    Private and Business Mode
    VPN Client
    Week Calender

  • For the music player to be able to show artist info, photos, reviews, recomendations etc WITHOUT it overriding my track names and artwork – just like it did in WP7 in fact. In WP8 you have to have it doing both, or doing neither.

  • Asd

    Call and sms blacklist.

  • Universal search MUST, Text Wrap in browser MUST (cant believe its still not there), Close app from Multi Task screen, Notification Panel MUST, Better (read more) video code support, Better run in background support, Live tile folders

  • Orientation lock. Pleeeeeeease….

  • IyanahClark

    For the windows phone 8 I think it should have a menu to tell if we have a message or an email no just the lock screen and for windows phone 8 should have more theme colors and have instagram and subway surfers and other popular games that apple and android hads

  • Stewart Smith

    Credit card swipe/processing capabilities. If Square etc won’t support WP, then build it in to the OS!
    This is a business tool, not a toy. Lots of us need this functionality today. Why are we still waiting?

  • ej

    The search button being allowed to search through contacts, text and any other applications that are open at a time. It is just absolutely stupid that it wasn’t to begin with. I love the contacts and Emil client but can we get some real third party apps. You are gonna have to pay people to develop apps Microsoft! That’s what apple and google did. Ps are you serious in that I can’t have a custom notification sound???????? Really…… A 10 year old flip phone had that ability.Needs to happen soon are I’m going back to android and never even thinking about coming back.

  • Banza

    Can I save apps and anything else to my SD card please?

  • bob

    official snapchat app!!

  • Gary

    I would LOVE if there was Bing Rewards integration that added to my rewards everytime I searched on my phone.

  • Brian


  • ayman from IRAQ

    we want notifications center, ability to change the background, file manager, ability to play more videos extensions (flv,ts,mpeg……), separated volume changer for (ringtones, media, system, notification) & thanks………

  • Liam

    Notification center. NEED. NEED. NEED. With quick settings. And also, the lack of apps is a hurdle but Microsoft has options. For popular apps like Snapchat and Instagram that aren’t on WP, just build their functionalities into the OS. Have camera filters available when you take a photo. Send photos and videos in Messaging for up to 10 seconds, after which they self-destruct.

    More lock screen options would be nice, like weather and possibly even more, just to best iOS and Android.

    And also, TellMe is not cutting it anymore. WP needs a super-intelligent voice assistant like Siri or Google Now. One that talks back to you and gives you results within the screen, instead of just doing a Bing search.

    Lastly, I think that if developers aren’t willing to bring their apps to WP, Microsoft needs to make hardware a huge focus. Design HD phablets with front-facing speakers. 15-20 MP cameras. Aluminum bodies (the whole thing, like the HTC One) and 5.5-7 inch screens. These things are all super important. If they can get customers salivating over the cameras and speakers, and they can use the apps they used to within the OS, WP still has a chance. There was a reason I switched to Android. If all these things are added, I’d switch back to Windows Phone in a heartbeat.