Windows Phone Blue not expected until 2014


Earlier this week Microsoft confirmed that Windows 8.1 a.k.a. Blue will be coming later this year. Also this week Microsoft confirmed that Windows Phone 8 will be receiving an update this summer. That update, however, will not be nearly as big as the Windows update.

ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley writes that Windows Phone 8 likely won’t received a Windows Blue-size update until 2014. But the news isn’t all bad. She says Windows Phone will get three small updates to build up to the big one in 2014. The first of those updates we detailed here.

Windows Phone 8 hasn’t been out for a year yet, but in 2014 it might start feeling old. Hopefully the big update will be coming in early 2014 rather than later. What big changes would you like to see in Windows Phone “8.1”?

  • Changarang

    Notification hub and Tile widgets!!!!

  • baxbax

    Yes notification centre would be cool and the ability to create playlists from songs. Orientation lock would also be nice. And maybe at least a option to maybe add flash support to IE10 if it’s at all possible.

  • Deathstalker187

    I want a Windows Phone to have a full blown windows operating system with an option to use the phone and make a phone call.

    I have been waiting for years for this and it appears I am going to have to wait another several years before you get it right.. How hard can it be make a phone with a full blow windows operating system on it and give us a nice little docking station to go with it so we can hook up a full key board mouse and monitor.

    Until you do this Microsoft gets a big fat Fail for my prospective. Come on just do it already what the F.