Wreak havoc on humanity with Death Worm for Windows Phone

death worm

Once again the power of Windows Phone 8 is shining through. Death Worm is a popular game on Android and iOS that launched way back in 2010. Now with Windows Phone 8 and easy porting of apps the game is available for us to enjoy too.

Death Worm can be summed up in one word: havoc. You control the death worm, which is exactly what it sounds like, a giant worm that kills everything in its path. The worm travels underground and occasionally goes up to the surface to destroy anything it can find. The more things you destroy the more points you get, and as you progress the game throws more and more at you. It is incredibly fun and addicting.

Death Worm is available now for Windows Phone 8 devices. It costs $1.99, and unfortunately there is no free trial.If you like havoc this is the game for you.

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