Nokia Lumia 521 receiving update to enable T-Mobile WiFi calling


When T-Mobile announced the Lumia 521 (our review) they also mention it would get an update soon after release. That update has arrived, and it enables WiFi calling, a great feature many T-Mobile phones enjoy. This update is a little different from most updates you’ll get, so pay attention.

First it starts like any other update. Go to Settings>Phone Update, and check if the update is available. If available it will start downloading and then ask if you would like to install it now or later. Here’s where things get interesting. Unlike normal updates this update requires a master reset to install. All your progress in games will be lost, and you’ll want to make sure to back up your data.

Once the update is done you will notice a new WiFi Calling app. In the app you can set up WiFi calling to use WiFi preferred, data preferred, or WiFi only. The update doesn’t take terribly long to install, but it’s not a quicky either. Go forth and download!

  • Got the update last night, just need to reset the phone.

  • Wolfgang_sonny

    I didn’t get. A WiFi calling app if so where is it cis I just updated my phone