Skype announced for the Xbox One


Microsoft has just unveiled the Xbox One, and one of the the things they have announced so far is a Skype. It works with the Kinect camera to give you great quality voice chats with all your friends. It can even be snapped to the side of the screen while you do other things (pictured above). Skype really makes sense on a gaming system with a camera. This is like what you see on scifi movies, and now it’s here. Will you use Skype on Xbox One?

  • JSYOUNG571

    My question is will work since it barely works on the phones and computers.

  • robjackson81

    I agree to some point. Skype is REALLY useful on desktop for me but the Windows 8 integration is pretty annoying. In terms of chat and voice, Skype has a huge opportunity, but Microsoft hasn’t done enough and the service is shaky at times.

    I hope they improve Skype because Skype on all Win products would be a huge win.