Xbox One vs PS4 vs Wii U [Chart]


Microsoft has officially unveiled the Xbox One and revealed some of the specs for this next-gen device. Some of the specs are still unknown, but we have a pretty good idea of what this device has to offer. In the chart above we have stacked the Xbox One up against the PlayStation 4 and Wii U. These are the top three next-gen gaming consoles that will dominate the next few years.

Keep in mind that we don’t know all the specs of the PS4 at this time. There are still some comparisons that need to be made, but this chart is a good starting point. Who do you think is the winner? There is still some to learn about the Xbox One. We will fill in more information as it becomes available. If you had to pick right now which device would you buy? Are you loyal to the Xbox name?

  • Dave

    Xbox one yessssss

  • pantsulord

    damn, never though i would say this but…. ps4 won the battle

  • Carsyn Williams (Hi ms. Stump)

    PS4 until death

  • Tom

    Go home xbox your drunk

  • *you’re*

  • XBox One

    Im sorry, I don’t know whats going to happen

  • is it me or graphics on both console Ps and Xbox look outdated?

  • Mathalicious

    im actually converting from Playstation to Xbox, more for the media integration. ps4’s big thing was the social side, im not a 16 year old kid that’s gonna chat on twitter and upload game videos all day, I’m 27…. I just want an all in one does it all games console and this is perfect. in 5 years time will be interesting to see how the xbox one evolves :) The only thing keeping me tied to playstation is the final fantasy franchise, still I have a ps3 for now, can just get the ps4 when it comes down in price if FF doesn’t remain cross platform. As for those with high end gaming PCs who slate the graphics of the new consoles, who cares, not every family is gonna be a geek and fork out over £1000 on high end kit for gaming, and you’ll probably end up buying one of them anyway.

  • wat

    u wot m8?

  • Eternal.atheist

    Ps4, hasn’t brought much new to the table. Xbox gets my money again

  • Maan

    Never thought i’d say this but this really is a heavyweight show down on the ps4 and xbox one… Didn’t like the design at all for the xbox, it reminds me about a Atari and VHS Player. That said, the features are extremely promising! I love that you can be the controller to be honest but it does take away the real gaming experience if alot of games turn out to be “Hand gesture” compatibility. I really hope not!. The controller in my opinion has never caught my eyes and it didn’t really do it today either. I mean PS4 got the touch pad the upload buttons and other cool features yet the xbox is keeping it casual.
    The hardware is impressive but yet it meets PS4. Can’t wait to see who the heavy weight champion of consoles will be on 10th june 2013. GL to both of you!

  • Paradox

    Why isn’t anyone talking about the PS4’s GDDR5 RAM?! That’s a huge boost over the Xbox One’s pedestrian RAM

  • Jeremy

    yep PS4 won this concole wars! its over XBOX has lost once and for all.

  • Juan Torres

    Xbox Onse Sucks looks like a VHS. What about Microsft’s design. And the same Fat controllers whate they show a Voice Recognize system WTF.

  • CFC

    Are u stupid and the PS4 hasn’t had a reveal yet and so you no none of the features don’t make comments on stuff you don’t know yet

  • RoadShow

    Enjoy paying $300 every 5 years for eternity. Xbox live allows you to access basic things like the browser, online play and streaming services. Bravo. A million devices on the market that do not charge a silly subscription for and you are converting to the pay to play POS. You deserve it then.

  • Mathalicious

    how have xbox lost? they are both pretty much of the same spec, its just down to personal preference of what features and functionality you want?! not exactly a valid argument to say one beats the other…

  • Mathalicious

    do you sit there and look at the console when you are playing it. personally I don’t care what it looks like, its in a drawer under my tv, its what it does that counts ;)

  • Mathalicious

    agreed, as I say I’ve always been a playstation fan. the point im making is neither console is better than the other. just now becoming down to personal preferences on what you want from your console. if you wanna pay $300 every 5 years so be it, get what you pay for, albeit that ive never totally agreed with with the xbox subscription as playstations is free, always felt the xbox online has been a better experience. but then Microsoft are a Computer company, that’s what they do. Sony do everything else, but limit their additional functionality to only sony devices?

  • Jordan

    We don’t even know what the PS4 looks like yet…

  • ya right

    I feel as though this “xbox 1” strategy is going to turn out like ipads. a new “1” every year. next year the “xbox 2” etc.

  • I was looking through the opinions here and I’m not seeing anything more than fanboys declaring the other side a loser lol…. I must say after watching both presentations as kind of a sports fan, I’m leaning toward the Xbox though

  • ya right

    and they wonder why the gaming industry is failing? its because games are just an after thought to the assholes now.

  • Mathalicious

    same point ive been trying to make ;)

  • MajesticDoughnut

    If PSN wasn’t awful it would for sure win the battle. The network is just terribly slow.

  • Crybabies Xbox one sucks ps4 gone own the console wars once again don’t dare say otherwise

  • Maan

    It’s on stream pretty hard to say that the graphics is outdated until the first moment of live playing on the console

  • Dour Siesel

    sony will now make you pay for the online experience. my money goes to xbox because the internet is no longer free for PS4 and the games for xbox are far superior

  • Billy Beefcaked

    You are such a douche. PS4 hasn’t won shit. They haven’t even hit the market yet. Xbox One clearly has features the PS4 doesn’t have.

    With that said E3 will really show whose going to take off and who won’t come this fall.

  • Dour Siesel

    until you have to buy games. then you have $600 machine with crap to play

  • ya right

    that hasn’t been confirmed

  • ya that is true for personal use the xbox one would suit me better.. i like to have the home media more than the actual console.. you play games, you get bored…use the xbox as ur all in one media player…ps4 doesnt offer the same and microsoft wil be sure to keep on top of everything unlike sony failing alot with the ps3. xbox is more user friendly and it is simply said that if it came down to a vote of the media functionality of both consoles that the xbox one would win over the ps4.. therefore the xbox one wins..

  • Barenakedninja

    You’re the douche there clearly matched ps4 has features the xbox doesnt there both equal which was the same as the ps3/xbox 360 its personal preference.

  • Mathalicious

    I expect it will happen at some point. end of the day is us (the consumer) paying the monthly/yearly subscription that enables them to purchase the kit to provide a better service. no different to a mobile phone contract, albeit a damn sight cheaper in my eyes :)

  • ya that is true for personal use the xbox one would suit meyself and alot more people better.. i like to have the home media more than the actual console.. you play games, you get bored…use the xbox as ur all in one media player…ps4 doesnt offer the same massive range of media functions but xbox one does and microsoft wil be sure to keep on top of everything unlike sony failing alot with the ps3. xbox is more user friendly and it is simply said that if it came down to a vote of the media functionality of both consoles that the xbox one would win over the ps4.. therefore the xbox one wins..

  • Screw the PS4 and Xbox One, its all about the Wii U ;) haha

  • PS4 launch was all about being different and original, Xbox One launch was all about giving you CoD and FIFA with way better graphics. Maybe I’m cynical but I suspect more of the console market wants to shoot their friends in way better looking environments than do imaginary pottery.

  • Play station 4ever

    All the PS4 had was a share button on the controller!! Hahaha. Bye bye playstaion

  • Maan

    In your opinion maybe but its still much more to come!

  • gamely-Mc Gamerson

    Eventually ill have both.

  • I cant spell very well

    All of the arguments. Just wait till E3 to show you what else the stuff can do. Then we can decide what’s best. No point saying what’s better when we haven’t even any of this stuff in full action. 19 days to go.

  • @Paradox

    Nobody normal knows what the fuck that stuff is

  • Joey

    How the fuck is ps4 possibly better? LOOK AT THAT COMPARISON!
    Xbox One, is #1 atm.

  • Hello

    *you are*

  • $400

  • ya right

    no used games

  • XBOX ONE Rules!!!

    Kinect, Skype, voice, multi taking and much more.

    Insted PS4 didn’t had the corage to show the box.

    Sony use Microsoft systems, but XBOX is from Microsoft. And Windows 8 might be crap; but Xbox One OS isn’t!!!

  • hi

    :) Well Said
    Although the xbox only had kinect, faster, interactive, better media stuff (as yet), looks better than a ?, more popular with friends.
    So id say quite equal

  • XBOX ONE Rules!!!


  • ya right

    why not

  • Bando de americano inútil! Minha SKY é melhor que esse Xbosta ou Xbox

  • HI

    I agree, it will just get updated with new stuff to keep up with/ stay ahead of PS4

  • Abhi Kohli

    the PS4 allows gamers to download games in segments and stream from the cloud. play used games, share your experience seamlessly, upload videos, it has faster memory, and countless other features

  • Arr0W

    and I can say once again as a Nintendo gamer: Shit.
    Look at those specs my Wii U is fun but…. ah whatever..

  • johnnydrivesafe

    The Ps4 already had their reveal. i believe you are mistaken.

  • XBOX ONE Rules!!!

    Yeah you’re right, but I would like to have a 5star console that look like Nintendo NES under my TV :P

  • bod

    The specs aren’t equal. Looks like the speculation was right and xbox one will be using a chunk of ram for system usage, and one or two cores. With the PS4 using around 500mb allegedly for system, here’s how it stacks up for gamers:

    xbox one 5gb ram 6 cores

    ps4 7.5gb ram 8 cores


  • Ya sortof right

    Nobody would buy it that often, unless your very rich, and it would become less popular.

  • NintendoMan

    You forgot to add Wii U has HDMI and Component.

  • Squid

    I’m a Nintendo gamer. :P wonder what will happen

  • Jared Torrico

    I think it is obvious why we pay a subscription fee after watching and laughing as Sony was repeatedly hacked and free accounts were abused.

  • ya right

    it works for apple (which they obviously want to be). and Microsoft have already proven themselves to be greedy money grubbers looking to please their pockets instead of customers.

  • Joey

    PS4 is for the poor; haha, that rhymed, coincidence?

  • no

    Its the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joey

    Seriously, games are so much better lol.

  • squ1dy

    xbox one hasn’t hit the market

  • Aaron Dawson

    Processors will be almost identical, RAM type of the Xbox One wasn’t announced but if it is anything less than GDDR5 then the PS4 will have an advantage with quicker RAM. In terms of graphics performance, both consoles will be on par with a top spec PC from about 2 years ago. Both will have good online services, most likely similar 3rd Party services like Netflix. Xbox seems to be leaning to a more media orientated experience with the PS4 leaning more to the games side of things. All in all, it comes down to preference. No point arguing over which one is better, console wars have never been logical. If you like a particular model, great, well done you. If you want the purest high definition gaming experience, you shouldn’t be looking at consoles.


    False Rumor

  • ya right

    xbox confirmed it (you can play them, but for an extra $10 to the man at Microsoft)

  • Jared Torrico

    They won a console war against Nintendo many years ago… Sony has been playing catch up with xbox for some time now and Sonys terrible network service is only hurting their chances.


    £200 for us posh Brittish.

  • Jdcsrt

    No used games for Xbox one.. without paying a fee..and always online is up to the developer.. so for now ps4 wins for me

  • Joey

    What the fuck is it suppose to look like?
    A platinum box with ultraviolet lights attached all over the damn thing?
    And in my opinion, it looks fairly nice.

  • Jared Torrico

    It is called Xbox One because it has a variety of features in One box…

  • Joey

    Wii is so unpopular, lol.

  • leeroy jenkins77

    how is a company meant to progress into the future if all it cares about is recreating the past

  • actually its the most popular according to sales

  • Ya sortof right

    I get that bit, but its no a small handheld device. Its something that sits in your home. It doesn’t need to look the most trendy.

  • Ps4 winning swag

    Ps4 gddr5 ram vs xbox1 ddr3 ram :) hi

  • XBOX

  • ya right

    but now that its more like a pc, itll be much easier to upgrade components

  • ya right

    I said “used” not “backwards compatibility”

  • ballmer’s boy

    Dude you’re the idiot!! how did sony use microsoft systems?? they are both using x86 core tech, thats not microsoft!! get your facts straight before you come on here trolling!!

  • SamDH1

    Leaning towards to PS4…. I have got Netflix subscription for all my TV/Films, don’t enjoy throwing my arms around when I could just lift a finger and press a button and I use Sonos for my music needs. PS4, in my eyes, is gunna power more towards gaming, while the Xbox One looks like they are just trying to make an all in one system which is trying to get the “Every device the same” thing that Microsoft/Windows are going for. And exclusive GT6, Driveclub, Killzone…. With the addition of Battlefield and Ghost, I will be very happy with the PS4. The pad also looks a lot more ergonomically designed for the PS4. And like someone said somewhere, I enjoy gaming with a controller, I don’t like not having anything, the PS4 have nailed it with a good old fashion controller, but with that simple touch pad and Move-like capability in the controller. Very excited.

  • rikukey2

    Everyone knows xbox one ; )

  • maxwiz

    thats the dumbest comment ive seen Jeremy

  • hi

    That said “bunch of useless American! My sky is better than this xbosta or xbox”He from portugal, no wonder he’s angry

  • Ya sortof right

    True, possilble an kinect 3 supporting more players or new controller, but no new console for 4+ years

  • ya right

    eh imo its likely

  • kaalen

    PS4 Rule’s

  • kaalen

    nice replay man ! :D

  • Tom

    it is easy to correct someone’s grammar if english is your first language.

  • Leeroy

    In terms of sales:
    Wii u
    Xbox one

    In terms of coolness imo
    Wii u
    50 feet of crap
    Xbox one

  • William Stuart

    Shit comparison. You didn’t mention that the ps4 has gddr5 vs ddr3 on the Xbox. Also, they have the same CPU so why does it have ’64 bit’ for the processor on the Xbox? You also missed out on all the wii u’s ports.

  • Rofl, who gives a shit what the console itself looks like. A. Who stare’s at their console all day? B. If your more worried about cosmetic’s over what’s under the hood and the feature’s and capabilities it bring’s, then your obviously an idiot. C. Xbox controller’s are perfect and if they drastically changed the overall look and feel it’d be disappointing.

  • PS4 & Wii U

  • Its official. Wii U has won the console wars.

  • Neo69

    U are obviousy a iignorant little child who understands nothing about marketing. Sony decision to only reveal a small glimpse of the ps4 is a smart move. It 1)got buzz going b4 xbox 2)allows Sony to release more info whenever xbox releases info so that not all the spot light is on a rival counsel. 3) by releasing increments of information at a time u can keep buzz going throughout the year which is important considering theproduct ddoesn’t come out till the end of the year. This is grown up talk and business moves so please step away from the grown up table b4 you embarrass yourself even further

  • Dour Siesel

    ive always loved sony since the first playstation but after ps2 the titles they put out are just awful minus god of war.

  • ya right

    just look at gta v. its been slowly giving info out over a year and 1/2, and the anticipation is unbelievable

  • Dour Siesel

    we know its going to happen because sony is well aware of the amount microsoft makes off of XBL subscriptions. money talks lets be real.

  • Dour Siesel

    i love both consoles but this is the truth.

  • Matt

    Did you even watch the video? You seemed tomiss that the overwhelming majority of the reveal was about Kinect features… But keep being a fanboy.

  • ya right

    I am being real by telling you it hasn’t been confirmed

  • lol

    ps4 is more powerful. it uses gddr5 instead of shitty ddr3. ps4 already won in graphics because its gpu is closer to an 7870 while xbox is 7770. and also i could give a shit about kinect. also i want a console to play games. not to watch amazon or go listen to music. software can always be updated (aka adding facebook, oovoo, ect) but hardware can’t be changed

  • Dour Siesel

    we pay because microsoft wants to charge you double for your internet. see, you get a console and you get internet…now you have to pay for internet on your console??? what sense does that make. i get a computer and i plug in my internet, simple. sony made the playstation 2 and 3 with the same principle. microsoft saw an area to make even more money since they get none from the web providers. btw microsoft has its games constantly hacked by modders looking for an edge.

  • Dour Siesel

    dont be surprised when it happens then :)

  • Dour Siesel

    in terms of fanboyism:
    the rest of the ppl commenting.

  • ya right

    oh I wont be lol

  • Dour Siesel

    because it was the cheapest. the amount of daily users is a fraction of playstations and xbox has more than both combined.

  • Bob

    Did anyone notice the cheering squad during the presentation?

  • D

    xbox one hasnt released what type of ram it is using yet, lets not be pessimistic and compare fact to rumor. None have won the battle we probably wont have full info on either until E3..

  • Keith

    I am so happy about both the Xbox One, and PS4! Sure PS4 has better Ram (hard to truly compare apples and oranges) but Xbox One makes up for it in it’s cool features. But what I’m really getting at here is that HEALTHY competition keeps prices down, and quality up. With such similar specs, we will see great games. I may be wrong, but I believe the reason ff13 failed is because Square-Enix wanted to make a beautiful game but had to cut all the fat and make a really linear game because Xbox 360 couldn’t handle what they initially intended for the PS3. In the same respect though, Skyrim WAS (past tense) far better on Xbox 360 because PS3’s cell processor IS (still to this very day) a nightmare. And BOTH systems have such poor Ram. I’m not going to tell you which system I’m going to get. It doesn’t matter this gen. You’re games will be top notch whichever you choose. No excuses this round. Love both PS4 and XBOX ONE!!!

  • D

    is it pay per game, or pay once. and does that go back to original xbox as well?

  • Mathalicious

    Your poor English suggests to me your just a child dry humping whatever console you bought into. Like one of those kids in school who said only Nike was cool. One word for it, narrow minded douche.

  • ya right

    No backwards compatibility AT ALL. New games are installed to the HDD and after that its an extra $10 to install on other Xbox’s.

  • Liam

    The instant switch thing is pretty cool, but the thing where you can see the trailer and do other stuff while watching a film is not for me! Tbh it pisses me off when someone talks while I’m watching a film lol let alone some stupid thing on the side that I would never use! The graphics aren’t as advance as much I though although are a fair bit better than this generation. The controller is cool but isn’t as Innovative as I thought. The exclusives haven’t sold me either (there maybe some really good ones in the future) e.g forza (it’s a good game but so is GT). The new updated Kinect is all great but I have never really bothered with it on the 360, tbh I like using a controller rather than being the controller! The best part is the 300k servers they have got for online. More details will be released for both consoles in the future but for now what ps has said I’m edging towards them. No decisions made yet though! I’m not sure about the Xbox ones Ram, I don’t know if its 8gb DDR3 or 8gb GDDR5 like the ps4 which is a lot better, it (is incredibly quick at performing fewer large operations. GDDR5’s kind of speed will come in particularly handy when dealing with, for example, massive high-resolution textures. GDDR5 has much greater bandwidth.) I put that bit in brackets because I didn’t write it! The ps4 seems to be more of a games console than the Xbox one which I prefer. Anyway il see what they both have when released before making a decision!

  • I dont think its thats great

    Im sure that ps4 will have their own skype-like application. And only because you need to do everything in xbox with cinect doest mean it is better. And what was the thing with always on – console.. You are going to need internet everywhere

  • The_Enlightened_IB_Freshman

    All y’all is stupid as fuck. First, the Xbox one looks like fucking SHIT put together. Fucking “centerpiece of the living room”, bullshit. I am gamer, and gaming is all I care about, for all I give a fuck about, the Xbox is shit, fucking pussy ass live TV bullshit? WTF, they trying hard to be the next AT&T shit, or what? I don’t even have the energy to fucking talk about specs, study up Xbox pussy motherfuckers, because the Xbox really is for the “living room”, not for the gamer. I almost forgot about the pussy licking controller too, y’all can shove the piece o’ shit up your fucking Xbox fan boy dumb fuck asses. Peace, long live PS4.

  • The_Enlightened_IB_Freshman

    Fuck y’all Xbox fuckers. All y’all is stupid as fuck. First, the Xbox one looks like fucking SHIT put together. Fucking “centerpiece of the living room”, bullshit. I am gamer, and gaming is all I care about, for all I give a fuck about, the Xbox is shit, fucking pussy ass live TV bullshit? WTF, they trying hard to be the next AT&T shit, or what? I don’t even have the energy to fucking talk about specs, study up Xbox pussy motherfuckers, because the Xbox really is for the “living room”, not for the gamer. I almost forgot about the pussy licking controller too, y’all can shove the piece o’ shit up your fucking Xbox fan boy dumb fuck asses. Peace, long live PS4.

  • Gabriel

    I just love seeing those fanboys fight. while you guys fight i’m here with my pc which is 10x better than both of those consoles xD.
    IMO They are going to be both good consoles, and just as ps3 and xbox 360 each one has it cons and pros, but at the end all that matter is wich one suits you better…

  • ya right

    in fairness BOTH are pretty outdated to be “next gen”

  • The_Enlightened_IB_Freshman

    Bitch, what the fuck does your mutherfucking ass know about what’s new and what’s out dated when it comes to gaming, when you make a fucking point, get your shit right.

  • The_Enlightened_IB_Freshman

    Get your mother fucking fat ass out of here. Xbox hasn’t won shit except the shit pageant either. Your mom and your grandpa can watch “Live TV” together on your fucking Xbox.

  • Why is price not included in the chart? That is kinda important.

  • Maximus Troll

    The Wii U is clearly the best, best game-play, graphics, power, everything. RIP in peice SONY’S PS4/APPLE’S XBOX 720.

  • Daveydave

    Microsoft messed up this event, they showed the design of the console (an all in one, that comes in 2 parts, and a lot of thought gone into the shape of it, and the colour scheme is now the same as the ps3 and ps4), they showed some nice voice commands, and how it can instatly change between a game and tv, and then it showed 4 or 5 trailers about some games, a new engine, the nfl partnership, the games aren’t exclusives and there was no gameplay at all, what they told me that I didn’t know before is that the xbox menus were always terrible (they should try the XMB) and you will still have to pay to play online. I could go on but all I need to say is they made the console look bad.

  • ya right

    I know your a cunt that needs attention

  • Tell me the price and I’ll include it.

  • ya right

    and my proof is every comment you’ve made here

  • UnbiasedBill

    What a fail, that looks like a vcr from 15 years ago, NO GAMEPLAY, so what, i can watch tv by asking it to, but it looks like i cant play games on it, some engine for sports, now i can play football on my tv in hd, or i could go outside, omg, look at the sony event, that gameplay was insane, killzone, deep down, omg, now look at this, no gameplay at all, so i will get ps4 because i can actually see how good it is, you can bitch about them not showing the console, but at least they didnt rush it and make a cuboid with one edge chamfered, my 5 year old daughter could make better, and the camera, looks like its forced to be put at the edge of a table, look at the ps4 camera bar, sleek, sexy, not massive and in the way, nice cod trailer, oh, no gameplay, not even exclusive, thanks for doing sony some advertising, i will definately get that for my ps4, microsoft, sit down, go home, why are you even trying, i wonder how you will improve the controller, oh, just as ugly and uncomfortable, you remover the 2 AA batteries that fell out when the controller vibrated, and you moved the xbox button up there, what are you doing making it glossy, omg, its the same colours as the ps3 and you didnt even put one on the console, obviously made it last night, what an epic fail.

  • DaveyDave

    Maybe Sony hadn’t finished the box, maybe they weren’t rushing it, and making a cuboid that had the bottom edge chamfered, that a 2 year old could make. And I’m pretty sure seeing some gameplay is more important the the seeing the box.

  • The_Enlightened_IB_Freshman

    Get yo pussy ass out of here with your pussy fucking comments, sucking every mother fucker dick going: “In fairness…”. Bull shit bitch. Who the fuck you think you are calling me a cunt? Ima fuck you and your fucking family up bitch. And you still haven’t answered DIRECTLY to my reply bitch. The fuck you talking about “Interaction with others…”? Your cunt licking ass probably doesn’t even know the fucking difference between “Your” and “You’re”. Get your pre-school ass out fucker. And the reason for my seemingly pointless and attention grabbing attention is because I am frustrated with these pussy ass Xbox fan boys. Sony started the gaming revolution with the PS1, NOT Microsoft. Sony has always been the better console, despite some mother fuckers licking Gates’ pussy.

  • Mike

    Can I just say real fast that if you are talking about the interne always having to be on, was a rumor and isn’t true and to The_Enlightened_IB_Freshman shut up no one should have to cuss that’ much and you shouldn’t on public websites

  • FuckFaceBillGates

    OMFG!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Did everyone see how shit the new shitty xbox one event was so fucking bad looooooooooooooooooooooool. A quote from a xbox/microsoft faggy member “This will be a historical & memorable event” well you got that right for how shit it was loooool it was so bad, the name was so bad, the console looks bad and the controller looool nothing much. XBOX IS FUCKING SHIT

  • ya right

    lets see it happen you arrogant cunt.

  • will drake

    In the end who’s going to have both systems? Friends and family have either ps3 or the 360, its good to have both.
    If you need the money follow @MotorCofAmerica learn how. Get both systems :)

  • ya right


  • Mike

    Just saying like jared torrico said, ps3 was hacked quite a bit

  • Mike

    the ps3 lost money for sony so my guess is that they will make you pay and it will also help stop hacking

  • The_Enlightened_IB_Freshman

    Get back to pre-school mother fucker, before send your ass flying all the way there. I am not a Sony fan boy. Sony has always had better specs, even at times of great dismay. It kick started the interest of the next generation gamers. You fucking three year old, have you even seen the PS1? How old are you bitch? Leave before you die in depression of harassment.

  • Mike

    I personally really like the new design besides it’s an opinion of what you like.

  • ya right

    hey look, an all talk cunt. youre clearly a hypocrite sony fanboy attacking someone who never favored either console.
    and whats your obsession with my age? are you a pedophile too?

  • Mike

    (cough) The reason why sony lost money on the ps3. Wait what who said that

  • Guest

    whats your obsession with my age? are you a pedophile as well as a sony fanboy?

  • Mike

    Please learn at least who makes the consoles if you’re going be saying your opinions that they are going to die. Xbox is a Microsoft product not an Apple’s

  • Phillip

    Okay I read through this whole page of comments and decided to actually do a good two hours worth of research on both the PS4 and the Xbox One. When it comes down to the CPU of both the PS4 and the Xbox One they are virtually the same thing. They are both 64 bit and are running with eight cores. The GPU of both the PS4 and the Xbox One will be an AMD Radeon HD 7850 and with Microsoft bringing in the Blu-ray player means that the PS4 and the Xbox One should be almost identical. As for RAM both consoles are running an 8GB RAM system. Now I won’t say that either console has won because I haven’t played them and gameplay hasn’t been released, so we will have to wait until both consoles are released. Presently I own two PS3 and two Xbox 360 slims. As for graphics I will say that I enjoy the PS3 even more than I do the Xbox 360, but I like the Xbox 360 more for online gameplay and connecting with friends. I don’t mind paying for online service to Microsoft because I usually get better online gameplay quality like you should if you are paying to play. I hope this settles some disputes.

  • ya right

    most know they are identical component wise, but the need for an internet connection, the still strong (but unconfirmed) rumor of used game fees, paying for online and always needing to be “kinected” (must have Kinect enabled) is enough to push people away

  • ya right

    hint he’s retarded: “RIP in piece”

  • pc_guy

    GDDR5 is for graphics cards, idiot. DDR3 is the ram both use, the CPU they use is the same , APU which is a processor with a graphics card built in, it’s not even that good, it’s closer to a radeon HD 6890, hardware can be changed, they just release a updated console, similar to the Xbox elite and Xbox slim.

  • RoadShow

    Playstation re-affirmed that online play would always be free when PS+ was announced.

    You people that are inexperienced need to stop talking on the matter. Online play HAS ALWAYS BEEN FREE. Just because Xbox came in and charged for it and millions of idiots too stupid to know it’s always been free ended up paying for the useless service.

  • RoadShow







  • RoadShow

    Stop spewing disinformation.

    PS3 was considered the most secure console for 3 years until GeoHotz jailbroke it. Sony sued and Anon attacked Sony.

    Xbox was hacked right away, the difference is that Micro$oft didn’t go after the pirates and hackers. They just banned the consoles and went on.

    PSN has only suffered that one hack, no one lost money, great compensation paid and credit protection offered just in case.

    Xbox live has suffered many hacks, customers have lost microsoft points and had cards charged, accidentally banned thousands on many occasions.

  • Thiago Melo

    WiiU have 32GB SSD vs 500GB HDD, and WiiU have HDMI too.

  • And u know this how?

  • AhhhhBlahblahblahblahblahblah

    Well, the fact that you can do more on the Xbox clearly wins the entertainment department. Entertainment as in games, music and videos, social messaging, and of course live TV. Microsoft has progressed from competing against gaming consoles, to competing against HTPCs.

  • james braselton

    hi there here is some thing keep in mind wii u has backward compatale used games ps4 and xbox one only play new games becuase there cpu is on new acrutech not old acrutech even though ps4 and xbox one way over power wii u on cpu and ram and storage capacity

  • Brandon Weber

    Its called features asshole. no one is telling you to use the TV App dumbass. you are just a bandwagon with everyone else with no common sense. Oh and P.s. i think the Xbox one looks good.

  • Brandon Weber

    Can you do that on a PS4? Nope. you cant. I like that the Xbox has alot of features

  • Brandon Weber

    GDDR5 is for Graphics RAM. GDR3 is for RAM

  • Tyler Henry

    hey fucktards do your god damn research on the systems the Xbox one is clearly better the ps4 but the ps4 beats it by the smallest microscopic fraction of raw power but Microsoft knows thier shit how long till Sony perfected the ps3 now thier throwing out the ps4 it’s gonna bomb ps4 has too much hubris and no you don’t need to connect to the internet everyday on the Xbox one do your research fuckers plus Microsoft probably already made a system with the stuff that the ps4 has and it probably didn’t work and this is there refined version that they have been working on for years xbox one all the way

  • Derek Harris

    Wii U wins the battle by actually being a fun new console, with interesting new technology to boot.
    Both specs on the XBone and PS4 are complete overkill.

  • AlonditeMX

    It would be much more useful to actually demonstrate how those specs work out in practice. Numbers on a sheet are meaningless for gamers.

  • stelios53

    xbox one and wii u is ajoke

  • quest 2

    I guess by now it’s even more clear that the xbone just plain sucks being even weaker than the wii U .

  • bilal


  • Dood

    Pc :)