Itsdagram is the best Instagram for Windows Phone app [Video]

Instagram for Windows Phone has been a depressing story so far, but thanks to some 3rd party developers there is finally some bright spots. A few weeks ago we were introduced to Instagraph, the first Windows Phone app that could upload to Instagram.¬†Unfortunately¬†it was a little slow, and it didn’t do anything but upload. Enter Itsdagram.

Itsdagram is the first full featured Instagram for Windows Phone app. It does it all, and that doesn’t include delays when uploading photos. In the app you can view your dashboard, see popular photos, get notifications, like, comment, and share photos, and of course upload your own. You can even register for an account. There are built in filters that work just like Instagram as well.

When using Itsdagram it feels like I’m using the official Instagram app. That is the ultimate compliment for an app. When the official app inevitably comes to Windows Phone it will be judged against Itsdagram. So far all Instagram app have come at some cost, but Itsdagram is the first to be available for free. Download it now for Windows Phone 8, and soon Windows Phone 7.

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  • Edgar Cervantes

    Wow! This app works great! I just don’t understand why Instagram won’t just release the app. There is clearly a high demand for it.

  • Johnny

    Will they ever make this available for windows phone 7 or has Microsoft forgot about the Lumia 900?