Xbox One has a notification center, is Windows Phone next?


A notification center is a mythical feature that many Windows Phone users desperately want. Developers have tried their hand at making one, and they’ve actually done a pretty good job. But 3rd party developers can only go so far. A true notification center will need to be made by Microsoft.

Yesterday during the Xbox One event something slipped by everyone’s watchful eyes: a notification center. The Xbox One has a notifications tile for users to easily check all incoming notifications. As you know, the new Xbox software is based on the Windows core. What else is based on the Windows cor? Windows Phone 8.

This is certainly not a confirmation that a notification center is coming soon, but it is a good sign. Microsoft has said they didn’t have time to put the notification center in Windows Phone 8, and now we know they are capable of making one for the Xbox One. How many Windows Phone users want a notification center?

[via WindowsMobilePU]

  • Kiran

    That would be great! Improving an already amazing os

  • Lee

    that would be great! glad to hear that

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Isn’t the whole idea about the live tiles area that it kinda functions as a notification center?

  • PrideLand

    Top five things I want added to WP8: 1) Notification Center with different configurations for ringtones and apps (so a Facebook friend request can be given a different ringtone than a text message). 2) Separate media volume from notification volume. 3) Bluetooth 4.0 (at least some Lumia’s have Bluetooth 4.0 hardware, but the drives are only 3.0 for WP8. 4) Be able to adjust the frequency of updates to the live tiles with both a general default setting and then for each tile be able to configure a different setting to allow say a default of 2 hours for all tiles and then set the ones you care about the most to a 5 minutes. 5) Be able to specify if a Bluetooth device should auto-connect the next time you enable Bluetooth or not. For example while at work I had my notebook on and was going to listen to music from my phone using my Bluetooth headset. I didn’t know the phone auto connected to the notebook instead of my headset until the music started (luckily the volume was low and the song was not too bad for others until I could stop it). I no longer have may notebook paired because of that.

  • 7amatto

    wp8 would be so complete with a good notification center