Vine for Windows Phone being worked on by 3rd party developer


Twitter’s 6-second video service, Vine, is famously only available on iOS. While Android users whine and complain the always resourceful Windows Phone developers are hard at work. Developer Graham Smith is making progress on a 3rd-party Vine app.

Vine allows users to create 6-second videos that are easily shareable. You can record snip-bits of video to fill the 6-seconds. This makes Vine an outlet for some very creative creations. Graham has made a good amount of progress on the app, as detailed below.

Progress on my 3rd-party Vine app (made using Vine’s private API documented here) is as follows:

•Login (including saving username / password — encrypted of course)
•Primary Timeline
•Popular Timeline
•Comments (including mentioning)

Work In Progress
•Improved UI / UX (metro or bust)
•Live Tile w/ Powered by Background Agent
•Search (People & Hashtags)
•Hashtag Timelines

The State of Uploading

As for uploading, this is a trickier subject. I’ve been having issues with with upload feature because instead of going through their private API, they upload Vines (is that what we call them?) straight to their AWS.

We wish Graham nothing but the best. Having a Vine app for Windows Phone would be another great achievement  With Windows Phone devs nothing is impossible.

[Nue Bits via Reddit]

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    Thats some fucking bullshit

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Personally not a big fan of the app. I guess it would be cool to have it available for others, though.