Do you use Windows 8 Metro apps?


One question I get asked a lot when talking to people about Windows 8 is “do you actually use the Metro apps?” Microsoft put a lot of emphasis on the new start screen and metro apps in Windows 8, but you don’t actually have to use any of it if you don’t want to. The old desktop is still easily accessible.

The answer for me depends on what device I’m using. If I have a touchscreen device, like a Surface, I love using the metro apps. If I’m using a laptop without a touchscreen I tend to stay in the desktop. When I’m trying to get work done I use the desktop no matter what kind of device I’m using.

What about you? Do you use the metro apps and start screen in Windows 8? Or are you more of a desktop kind of person? Let us know below!

  • Luís Felipe

    I use apps for modern interface only when the app is the only way to do what the app does or when it is the best app to do the task.

  • Arash Jafari

    The ”old desktop” is the core of Windows 8 even though much emphasis has been put on the Modern UI. The modern apps are inferior to their desktop counterparts but on touch-only devices they have the upper hand.

    I spent most of my time in the desktop but I frequently use the apps for news, sports, weather, map, mail and alarm/timer. In any case the information from the live tiles – even if you don’t use/open the apps – and the snap mode are very useful.

  • CalBear

    A couple of times a month I have a look to see if there is anything worthwhile for my 24 inch monitor. Haven’t found anything that isn’t as good or better on the desktop.

  • RonJeremy9


  • bawboh

    Yup. On my desktop hooked up to a 47″ TV (my gf actually prefers Chrome in Windows 8 mode), usually the Netflix app or some games, mail, skydrive. I also have a Lenovo Yoga and a Surface RT on which I use Metro apps. I don’t understand the hate people have for them.

  • dnationsr

    I hardly ever use the start screen

  • Ravi

    Not much..but I download this quiz app called QuizMagic. Being a quiz enthusiast, I have spent lot of my time on this app. Its a neat & no non-sense app.

  • odoggyfresh

    on my laptop I use the metro apps to get news. and snap twitter to whatever I am doing with the desktop. I am pretty pleased with Windows 8

  • Pat

    I use the metro apps for core things like music, OneNote, IE10. Also Yahoo! Mail, Weather, Hulu, and Netflix. But I’ll head over to FireFox on desktop for things IE10 can’t handle and I mainly use the integrated SkyDrive folder in desktop mode to manage my SkyDrive. Otherwise, I don’t really use apps for other things such as Nickelodeon, Top Gear, and stuff like that.

  • That wasn’t very useful at all haha. I use them hand in hand with the desktop. Certain things are always done in Metro for me.

  • bikdav

    I like Windows 8 a lot. The Modern UI is convenient when I want to get to something quickly. But, I also spend lots of time at the desktop. There are some things that are best done at the desktop. I also discovered that when I open some things at the UI, I automatically get sent right to the desktop anyways (Comcast does that to me fro example).

  • BW022

    Soluto actually determined the number in a random sampling of some 10,000 users. 60% of desktop users launch a Metro app less than once per day, 55% of laptop users, and even 44% of (non-RT) tablet users. Average launch rates at 0.7, 0.8, and 1.4 launches per day.
    On my WP7 device… I must launch music ten times per day. At home, I’ll there are far better desktop apps to run — WMP, WMC, Zune, etc. Outlook instead of metro mail. IE desktop over IE metro. etc.