Microsoft’s ‘War on Start Buttons’ continues with Xbox One controller


Someone at Microsoft seriously hates Start buttons.

In Windows 8 the Redmond crew removed the iconic Start button from the task bar in favor of a new Start screen. Users haven’t loved the change very much, and developers have been creating workarounds to bring it back. Microsoft is now moving past Windows and removing the Start button from the Xbox too.

The redesigned controller for the Xbox One trades Start and Back buttons for new View and Menu buttons. They essentially work the same, but now they have more appropriate names. The Xbox button was always more of a “Start” button, while Start was more for bringing up menus. The Back button was rarely used to return to something, so View is much more fitting.

Death to Start Buttons!

[via Xbox One Daily]

  • idlelimey

    Works for me!

  • Edgar Cervantes

    The change works because the new buttons essentially do that same. The problem with the computer start button is that it wasn’t really replaced with something equal.

  • GnarDog

    i seriously think the name is going to be renamed lol

  • GnarDog

    good point. exactly