Comparing the best Instagram for Windows Phone apps [Video]

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Not that long ago Windows Phone users had no way to take photos and upload them to Instagram. What a difference a few months make. Today the Windows Phone Store has some great apps that let users use Instagram, despite the absence of an official app. The two best options right now are Itsdagram (soon to be called Instance) and Instagraph + Metrogram. Let’s take a look at what each has to offer.

Instagraph + Metrogram

Instgraph was the app that really started the movement for 3rd party developers to hack their way into Instagram. By using a back-end server the developers of Instagraph are able to allow users to upload photos to their Instagram accounts. The downside to this work-around is that photos take at least a few minutes to be uploaded. Uploading photos is the only thing Instagraph does, which is why they have teamed up with Metrogram.

Metrogram has been around for a while on Windows Phone. It is a full featured Instagram app that can do everything but upload photos. You can view your feed, like and comment on photos, view your profile, and share photos. In the latest update they added a button that take you to Instagraph for uploading a photo. Using both apps creates a full featured experience.


Itsdagram does everything that Instagraph and Metrogram can do, but it does it all in one app. Instead of using a back-end server the developers of Itsdagram use an unofficial Instagram API. This allows for much quicker photo uploads that happen in a matter of seconds instead of minutes. The design and feel of Itsdagram is what we would expect from an official app. In fact it looks so official that Microsoft has asked them to change the name, icon, and font of the app.

Pricing is where these apps further differentiate. Instagraph will cost you $0.99, and Metrogram is completely free. Both are compatible with Windows Phone 8 and 7.5. Itsdagram has a $1.49 version and a free ad-supported version, but you will need a Windows Phone 8 device. Make sure to watch our comparison video below to see what set-up is right for you!

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    Itsdagram looks sooo much better.

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    It’s called instance

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