Microsoft confirms new features and apps for Windows 8.1


Microsoft finally talked a little more in-depth about Windows 8.1 today. A lot of the new stuff has already been leaked and talked about, but today Microsoft put their official stamp on some things. The public preview for Windows 8.1 is just over a month from release, and when it does there will be many new features and apps.

Personalization is a big thing in 8.1 Microsoft has added more backgrounds and colors for the Start screen, including the option to use your desktop wallpaper. There are new small and extra-large tile sizes for some apps, and it’s easier to rearrange them into groups. You can even filter the apps by name, install date, and most used.

Microsoft is added a few more apps to the Bing collection in 8.1. A new Food and Drink app will make it easy to search and discover new recipes. It will even use your webcam so you can wave your had to advance through recipes. A super handy feature for using your device while cooking. Bing Health and Fitness will help keep track of your personal heath data and even alert you when something is wrong. other apps include a Instapaper-like app called Reading List, an alarm app, and a Calculator.

Most of the other things in Windows 8.1 we have already covered. New Snap View sizes, easier way to see all apps installed, IE 11, and a better search experience have all been covered here. Check it out if you want more information. Windows 8.1 will be a free upgrade when it arrives. There will be no reason not to download it.

[via Windows]

  • Sudhir