Google says Windows Phone doesn’t have the ‘reach’ to deserve an official YouTube app


Google has never given the reason why they won’t make an official YouTube app for Windows Phone, but it has always been a fairly safe assumption as to why. Windows Phone doesn’t have the market share that Google deems enough to warrant apps for their many services. At D11 Android chief Sundar Pichai  finally confirmed that reasoning.

“It’s simply a function of reach,” he said, before recommending that Windows Phone users try the mobile web version of YouTube.

This comes after a very public spat between Google and Microsoft over an official YouTube app. Microsoft created one without Google’s permission. Google quickly found out and asked them to remove it, and now the companies are “working together” to create a new one. But all that glimmers is not gold. As we reported last week the new YouTube app will be a stripped down version of what we have now.

I can’t blame Google for not wanting to devote a lot of time to a 3rd place operating system owned by a company that is constantly picking on them. My problem lies in the fact that they aren’t even willing to let Microsoft do all the work. Other companies like Facebook and Twitter let Microsoft build apps for them, but Google wants no part of that. In the end it’s the consumers who lose.

[via The Verge]

  • Yat Man

    I don’t understand how google doesn’t have a problem with an app like Metrotube, which is a 3rd party youtube app (and was the best before Microsoft’s) but when Microsoft builds their own app all of a sudden google has an issue.

  • CX1

    Monopolistic BS that Microsoft would be crucified for. Interesting they had no problem creating apps for Windows Mobile before Android had gained any traction.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Well, did Metrotube violate Google’s terms and conditions? That was really the main issue. Microsoft can do a YouTube app whenever they want, they just have to “abide by the rules”.

  • Sondrek17

    It is really sad that WP do not have a youtube app :/. It lacks a lot of things, but this is one of the major problems (at least for me).

  • Billscarnage

    What an arrogant prick. Google doesn’t even need to put the resources into building the app. MS already did it. I smell potential anti-trust issues here.

  • According to Google’s TOS it did because MetroTube didn’t show ads. Which is ironic because the mobile site of YouTube doesn’t either! It is strange that they didn’t go after them but once Microsoft made a move, Google agitated. LOL.

    No one can essentially build a proper app for YouTube without the access to the API which Google is preventing Microsoft for Windows Phone… but somehow they did allow them for Xbox?!

  • WPforever

    microsoft ps remove skype for android……lets see how android users make use of the front facing camera then ! No issues we have metrotube or even better…. awesome IE 10 for going to youtube .com and watching videos. If microsoft does not have the reach, google does not have the class or finesse of a Windows phone 8 OS ! By the way android and ios just wait for nokia to unveil its EOS and microsoft to launch windows phone 9 or 8.1 which FYI will be available to windows phone 8 (this was an official confirmation by microsoft by the way), then we will see abt the market reach !

  • Meanwhile, some guy on the Internet makes a Vine app in nine hours.

  • Pirate78

    I have been steadily loosing respect for google. They seem like arrogant prigs. As for WP not having a proper you tube app, well that’s just not true. Metrotube and YouTube HD are awesome at what they do, feature no ads and give me the ability to download and watch later. Fantastic. Pretty much on par with what Microsoft released.

    After using the you tube app on my android Samsung phone and seeing what Microsoft had done on my Lumia 920, I was impressed. No longer was I looking at Samsung commercials before every video played. No longer was I wasting my phones bandwidth (my phones precious gigabytes) due to google’s forcing ads down my throat I had no interest in.

    And then google got all buthurt.

    “Windows Phone doesn’t have the market share that Google deems enough to warrant apps for their many services”

    So? If you have no interest in building an app for the small market share, don’t. Leave those who do want to do it alone.

  • Olennex

    Hurts the consumer in the end. And with such a big company as google, they can afford to create it. Crybaby move Google, time to move away from them comoletely