Surface RT being sold with free Touch or Type Cover for a limited time

surface cover free

When Microsoft introduced Surface one of the things they boasted about was the Touch and Type Cover keyboards. These super thin keyboard attach to the Surface with magnets and double as covers. Surface is greatly improved with these covers, but unfortunately they were not included with a purchase. Instead they were pricey accessories.

Today Microsoft has announced that for a limited time all Surface RT tablets will come free with either a Touch or Type Cover. The Touch Cover, the very thing and flat keyboard, usually costs $119 separately. The Touch Cover, which is more like a traditional keyboard, costs $129 separately. Just go to Microsoft’s website and add the 32GB ($499) or 64GB (599) version to your cart. Next it will let you choose what cover and color you want.

Microsoft did not say when the “limited time” will expire, so take advantage of it while the sale lasts.

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  • jcollett

    Your link results in “Sorry, there was a problem with your request.Return to the Microsoft Store home page.” Looks like the store is down. When I looked a few minutes ago, the covers were full price or $100 extra on purchase of tablet. It appears the press releases were sent before the web group could get the pages updated.
    Oh, BTW, for a site called winsource, it is a pity I cannot log into my microsoft account to post here.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Same happens with me…. Either way, I still don’t want it. lol

  • That’s really weird. I’ve tried it in a couple browsers and it works fine for me. How about this one?

  • Billscarnage

    I originally bought the 64gb w/ touch and wish I had just got the tablet instead. I rarely use the cover for more than anything besides a cover for the glass in transport.

  • Shawn Francoeur

    I find it really wierd that the same deal does not apply to Surface Pro purchases.

  • If you read the article you will see that you’re supposed to add the tablet only to your cart.

  • jcollett

    Oh, I see. However, by not updating the site, M$ can get some people to still pay for the keyboard if they do not read into an article? Not exactly a good PR move on their part, wouldn’t you agree?