Asus unveils the ‘world’s first’ touchpad mouse for Windows 8


The crazy designs of Windows 8 devices is starting to leak into the accessory market. Today at Computex Asus has unveiled the VivoMouse. This is not just ¬†any old mouse, this is what Asus calls the “world’s first” touchpad mouse hybrid. It combines the touch of a touchpad with the ease of a mouse to be used with Windows 8 devices.

The VivoMouse is basically a normal mouse, but with a touchpad from a laptop slapped on the top half. Your fingers rest on the touchpad that can do Windows 8 gestures, two-finger scrolling, and pinch-to-zoom.¬†Underneath the mouse is a standard laser sensor that enables you to mouse the mouse around like you would normally. The touchpad part can’t be used to move the cursor around on-screen, it can only do gestures and clicking.

Asus did not reveal pricing or exact release date for the VivoMouse. They did say that it will arrive in Q3 of 2013. What do you think about this crazy looking peripheral? Do you want one?

[via The Verge]

  • Satwik Kamatmehbro

    that looks so awesome :D