Hands-on with SwapChat, the first SnapChat for Windows Phone app [Video]

Now that the Instagram for Windows Phone situation has been fixed with 3rd party apps developers have turned their attention to other missing apps. One of those missing apps is SnapChat, the disposable photo sharing service currently available for Android and iOS. Developer SRC Apps has been working on an app called SwapChat that is currently in beta, and we were able to get an early look.

If you’re unfamiliar with SnapChat it is a service that allows users to send photos that are only view-able for up to 10 seconds. When you send a photo it alerts you when someone has opened the Snap or has taken a screenshot. It’s a really fun way to communicate with people without using standard text messages or phone calls.

SwapChat does 90% of what you can do with an official app. The two main things I’ve found that are missing are video snaps and a notification for when the recipient takes a screenshot. Everything else is possible with SwapChat. Right now there are some bugs that cause errors, but the developer has been updating it almost daily to prepare for submitting it to the Store later this week.

Check out our hands-on video to see what to expect when SwapChat arrives in the Windows Phone Store. We are really enjoying using it so far, and we can’t wait for the final version. If you’ve been wanting to get in on the fun of SnapChat this is an app to keep an eye out for.

  • sam

    How can I contact the developer???

  • jracx

    Will you be able to communicate cross platform with other devices who use snapchat?

  • http://winsource.com/ Joe Fedewa

    Yes, it works with anyone who has snapchat.

  • mohzmmzc

    is it released yet?

  • Jimmi

    Will it be available on Windows Phone 7.8

  • Steve Martin

    question. will it allow video recording?

  • http://winsource.com/ Joe Fedewa

    “The two main things I’ve found that are missing are video snaps and a notification for when the recipient takes a screenshot.”

  • T-Bomb me strong

    When will this app be released approximately?

  • http://winsource.com/ Joe Fedewa

    Check the front page, it was released today.

  • Randy K. Riggs

    how do i add friends to this app?

  • emma

    When will we be able to see who in our contacts has snapchat as well its the only reason why I’m not sure if I want to buy the app