The best gets better: Acer improves performance and battery life in the Aspire S7

acer aspire s7

Last year at Computex Acer surprised a lot of people with the Aspire S7. When it was first announced we amazed by its gorgeous, and remarkably non-MacBook inspired, design. We consider the original Aspire S7 the cream of the crop when it comes to Windows 8 devices. Today Acer took the S7 to the next level with some great upgrades.

The new Aspire S7 still has many of the things that made it so great. It still has a 13.3-inch 1920×1080 touchscreen display, same white and silver design with 180-degree screen hinge, 8GB of RAM, and it comes in just a bit thicker at 0.51 inches. The added thickness is due to the new 6,280mAh battery. The other big new feature is the new fourth gen Intel Haswell processor. The new processor and bigger battery will help the S7 get great battery life.

The Aspire S7 will still retail for $1,399 with an optional upgrade to a 2560×1440 display for an extra cost. They did not announce when the upgraded model will be available. If you wanted the S7 but worried about battery life or power this is a great device to pick up.

[via The Verge]

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