Vine for Windows Phone 3rd party app shown off in video

Earlier today Vine and Twitter announced the arrival of their 6-second video sharing service on Android. That announcement led many to wonder when, if ever, it will arrive for Windows Phone. The realistic answer to that is not positive, but luckily we have some great indie developers working on Vine for Windows Phone.

Last month a developer by the name Graham Smith posted on Reddit about his Vine app, and now today a new contender has entered the ring. Well known dev Rudy Huyn has uploaded a video to show off his Vine app. The app is called 6sec, and right now all it can do is view your Vine feed. It plays the Vines as you scroll past them, with audio, just like the official client.

Rudy has made succesful apps such as Wikipedia and TVShow. He’s a great developer to have working on a Vine app for Windows Phone. We will keep you updated on Rudy’s progress.

[via Reddit]

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