Delivery! Official Domino’s Pizza app arrives for Windows Phone 8

Domino’s Pizza App

Strangely, Domino’s has had a Windows Phone app for a while now, but it was never available in the US. Today an official Domino’s app for Windows Phone 8 has finally been made available here in the US, where pizza consumption is king. The Domino’s app lets you order food right from your phone, and then watch as it gets made. But this is more than just a midnight snack enabler.

The Domino’s app has some great Windows Phone 8 features built-in. Simply hold down the Windows key on your phone and say “Domino, start a delivery order” and you will be taken to the delivery page. On the ordering page you can tap the mic icon and just say what you want. After you make an order you can pin it to the Start screen for quick access to the Domino’s Tracker. The main tile will even show promotions and sales if you pin it.

Domino’s is available for free on Windows Phone 8. Download it today and never have to get up to use a computer or talk to an actual person to order a pizza ever again! Will you use this app?

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  • Edgar Cervantes

    Oh my. That app looks nice. Much better than the Android one.