Leaked images show what could be the Nokia EOS, huge camera bump intact


The Nokia EOS is rearing its head once again, and this time we have some interesting photos to look at. The device you see above appears to have a similar body style to the Lumia 920, but with one big difference. There is a gaping hole in the back, right around where the camera should be.

The Nokia EOS is a long-rumored Windows Phone that will allegedly be the first with a true PureView camera. When we say “true PureView camera” we mean like the 41MP camera on the 808 PureView.┬áThe photos in this post are from chinese website WPDang, which has had some successful leaks in the past. We can see the alleged EOS in a number of different views, and next to a Lumia 920.


The EOS appears to be about the same size as the Lumia 920. The real difference comes from the side angle which shows how much of a bump the PureView camera adds. It’s not nearly as pronounced as the one on the 808 PureView, but it is definitely noticeable. Also, from the two dots below the camera we can tell that wireless charging will not be built-in, but instead will require a back cover.

The validity of these photos is still up for debate, but WPDang has been reliable in the past, and Nokia EOS rumors have been around for quite some time. Do you trust these photos? If the EOS looks like this would you get one?

[via The Verge]

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