Microsoft shows off Windows 8.1 in preview video

So far we’ve seen many of the new features of Windows 8.1, but only in static screenshots. Today Microsoft posted a video to show off some of these features in action. The four and a half-minute long video includes some of the most important changes and new features. Let’s take a look.

First thing we see is a new option that turns your lockscreen into a cloud powered photo frame. A grid of photos constantly cycles through photos from your device, SkyDrive, and even your phone. Next up is the new live tile sizes for the Start screen. Large 2×2 tiles and tiny half-size tiles are now available. Staying on the Start screen, we are shown how swiping up now displays a sortable list of all the apps on the device.

Personalization is a big thing in Windows 8.1. We can see that you can choose literally any color you want for the Start screen background, or even use your desktop wallpaper. There are new “motion accents” backgrounds that animate as you scroll through the Start screen. Lastly, we can see a much improved search results page which shows results from the device and the web. Finally, we get to see the new snap view sizes and functions in action.

Make sure to check out the video to see all of this in action. This is the best look we’ve had at what Windows 8.1 will be like. Microsoft will release the Windows 8.1 preview for free on June 26th.

[via Windows]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Not bad!….

  • I’m actually really excited. This answers basically all the complaints I had.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I am so ready for that Acer W3!